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Re: School Music

I remember listening to those 'pop' lunchtime records whilst eating in the main hall at Oakbank. I can recall the French teacher Slater extolling the virtues of Lennon and McCartney as songwriters. However, the effect on crusty old Bill Midgeley was very different. I recall he rushed over to you Anthony or some other person in charge of the record player on or just off the stage and insisted that 'the dreadful racket' be turned off.

Re: School Music

Many thanks to Anthony Smith for his School Concert programme posting, my family now has proof positive that there was a time I was capable of holding a note,(perhaps it also indicates how desperate the choir were for members!). I am reminded of the time when the choir took two attempts to perform Handle's Messiah during a Founders Day service at the Temple Street Methodist church. Many after school rehearsals were needed before we were comfortable with the work, if that's the correct term, the opening was the bit we were all fearful of. After a lengthy intro we started off by taking a hike up to that opening note. Paddy Paynes stopped us in our tracks with a red-faced scowl, turned to the assembled audience below and apologised. At the second attempt we just about managed it, much to the relief of all concerned! I can still remember the look on Paddy's face and still shudder at the memory.
Happy days!

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Re: School Music

I remember that we also were "taught" music by a Ms Matthews.Probably before Payne started.Does anyone else remember her?She seemed extremely attractive back then, and didnt have much problem in getting our full attention.Also I can remember a pop group from my year playing one lunchtime on the stage in the old Assembly Hall.Steve Trippet joined the group later and sang with them. I also saw them play at Riddlesden Youth Club.Does anyone know what they were called and who else was in the group?

Re: School Music

Yes Brian.

She used to take us for history also (Room54) and regularly suffered the embarrasing taunts of lads like 'Fletcher' and 'Fox', to name but two.

She was the youngest daughter of the Matthews family who owned the textile mill in Eastburn, now the home of 'Eastburn Pine' and various other small businesses.

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Re: School Music

Brian, Handles(sic) Messiah takes nearly 3 hrs to perform. I had left school by then, but as I suspect from your description of it starting on a high note, was it not the well known Handel Coronation Anthem called 'Zadok the Priest' ?? Incidentally that was the first peice ever played on Classic FM.
B V Paynes replaced Paul Greenwood as Head of Music at the end of my first year , summer 1959. Or just possibly the year after.
I generally never got on with Paynes, because I never had music lessons at school, but was probably one of the best musicians (Together with John Ball and his organ). How ever Watthey did allow me to take GCE music with my other ones at school, though I never had a lesson with BVP. I did have peripatetic 'cello lessons though, but havent touched a 'cello since I handed it back to the school they day I left (Christmas 1964)