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Re: Muse musings

Geoff, was your poem in German?? (Look it up)!
Also - I did a web search for the magazine you mentioned, and there was the great man, many years on, dog-collared and benign. But with pithy prose and poetry excerpts to be had and a ' thought for the day'. Quite an ecumenical entrepreneur, the lad - but not without talent; and have a read of 'Garlic Lane'if you haven't already...

Re: Re: Muse musings

You're right about Garlic Lane Allan, a Lawkholme Lane version of 'this Sporting Life' meets 'Hindle Wakes'. There's also a Yorkshire trilogy charting the ups and downs of people from opposite ends of the social spectrum from the early 20th century set in Bradford/Keighley - 'Room at the Top' meets 'The Royle Family'? I'll have to think about the German allusion though. You've got me there old lad, but I've just come back from a rather testing meeting which may explain my dullness of mind (or maybe I'm just thick!). Looking for a German dictionary right now ....!

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