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Re: Hobbies

Happy times indeed John. (It was good to see you again last week) , but I think you got the number wrong, the LMS engines certainly began with 4 , but were 5 digits not 6. One regular engine I remember was in the class called 'Beetle Crusher' it was no 46442. But as you say the Thames Clyde and Waverley were usually 'Jubs',or very occasionally a 'Royal Scot'Classwith smoke deflectors. We were disappointed if it was only a 'Blackfive' or 'Blackie'.

Re: Hobbies

Having started my spotting days on Lawkholme Bridge (sometimes sneaking into the shed yard and sitting on the embankment near Showfield Bridge)I graduated (with the guidance of older lads) to Leeds, York and ultimately - Hest Bank - nirvana for an LMS spotter. One evening, after having queued for a good hour for a bus to Morecambe - and finding all that came were full and worrying about missing the last train home - we decided to leg it across the bay to Morecambe for the train home. We found ourselves cut off several times by fast flowing "streams" which we had to run through - and then again as we moved on and they crossed our route again. I was sorely reminded of this when the Chinese cockle pickers met their dreadful fate.

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Re: Hobbies

I was a young member of the trainspotters club. It was on an official trip to Edinburgh Waverley and then onto Glasgow sheds that I remember my first illicit taste of Tetleys Pale Ale. Wonderful!

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Re: Hobbies

Since we have got on to trainspotting, I'd like to recall again those Railway Society trips organised by Tony 'Percy' Peart. I certainly remember trips to Teesside (Darlington/Thornaby depots), Doncaster, Manchester Depots (there were several eg Newton Heath, Heaton Mersey etc, what were the others?) Leeds (Holbeck, Copley Hill etc, what were the others?).
I also recall Billy Biggins failing to turn up for one trip. The coach legged it up to his house in the Exleys and Percy and I yelled up at the window. Billy's head popped out - 'Oh sorry Sir, is it today Sir?'
'Biggins , you ve got five minutes to get yourself down here otherwise we are leaving without you!' yelled Percy.
Just as Billy appeared Percy got the bus driver to move slightly as though he were setting off.
Certainly an amusing start to the trip.

Re: Hobbies

In view of the comments, I wonder if my photograph of a 'Pug' at either Agecroft or Patricroft one Saturday morning in the early 60's on one such trip brings back any memories?

'Railway Society Oct 1961 new!'

Does anyone else have similar photographs with other Railway Society members on them?

It's amazing how many 'trophies' were obtained by certain members (and leaders) on such trips!

I understand that Tony Peart has bequeathed his collection to the National Railway Museum when he finally goes to the big engine shed in the sky after his fire has been 'dropped' for the last time.

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Re: Hobbies

I, too, was a member of Percy Peart's Railway Society and went on many of the shed trips.
Anyone remember the coach? I think it was from a Company in Howarth (Bronte Tours?), black and white, registration number something like HWY 79 and it had a nickname...can't remember what it was, though
A few years back I bumped into Percy Peart at an old bus rally...he was driving a Colne Transport double decker. I reminded him of an incident (which he, too, recalled) when we were all piled into the coach after a shed visit, but PP was nowhere to be seen...seconds later he came charging round the corner with a large 'souvenir' under his arm (a lamp or something), being hotly pursued by a BR official....despite attempts to make a quick getaway I seem to recall PP had to hand his trophy back!

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