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Re: Many topics

A few answers to Shauns epistle!.

Kenny Andrews and Darrell Camm are still around in Keighley. Mike Boothroyd (my brotherin law) sees them occasionally. Mike has just become Vice Principal of Keighley Technical College. (What Vice I do not know).
Joe Gordons shop was called The Merry Melon on Oakworth Rd at the end of Malsis Road. Joe is still around, his son following in his footsteps playing cricket for Keighley. My parents have seen Joe watching the cricket.
Graham Nolan phoned me out of the blue last year, after my parents had seen his older brother Phil and passed on my number. He married for the second time last year and lives in Sutton Coldfield. Worked much of his life with the Halifax, was just doing part time with Lloyds when he rang me.
Jim Hall has just retired after spending all his working life at Clitheroe GS. Married to Kathyrn Binns, three children. His mother is 96 and lives in Mannville Walk.(Some will remember their shop in Victoria Rd)
Murgatroyds first name was Alan, from Oxenhope or Haworth I think.
I dont reacll hitting Peter Holmes with a snooker cue, though I recall having fights with Kenny Andrews and Alan Spencer, but I think they were at Ingrow Primary rather than KBGS.
Sadly I confirm that David Harding was killed in a climbing accident.
David Sadler emigrated to New Zealand, I have been in touch a couple of years ago. He was a music teacher, and as Shaun said, his Dad cut hair in South Street. His rival was Jim Berry (Geoff Berry's Dad , in Low Street.
'Jagetme' Dowson's forst name was indeed Frank.

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Re: Many topics

Nothing sinister Shaun re:

'Keith (?) Brown (otherwise known as Katie, I don?t care to speculate as to why)'

The only reason being that his initials were 'KT' hence 'Katie'!

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Re: Many topics

On the subject of initials - who was the lad (in 2A in 1959-60, I think) known as PB or, by those fond of Latin, as Plumbum?

Re: Many topics

Peter Binns ?

Re: Many topics

That had struck me as a possibility, but I think PB were the initials of the lad's two Christian names.

Re: Many topics

Who else in our 2A form had first initial P.?
Looking down Brian M's role of honour, the only possibilities that come to mind are Peter Holmes (a somewhat unlikely candidate for "plumbum", I'd have thought!), Pete Messenger and Phil White.

Re: Many topics

Can I join in?

One of the forms I was in (3A, maybe 4A) had, I think, three pupils whose Dad's taught us....come in little Ben (Trenouth), little Fred (Catley) and ?? Midgley

Surely a record!

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