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Re: Fight, Fight, Fight......etc

Oh yeah, the fights were great fun!
I was in a quite a few but I mainly remember 2 of them.
One was with a lad in my class, I think his name was Mitchell, and I have no idea what started it. Anyway, we grappled around for a bit before he managed to get a punch in and my nose started to bleed quite badly. I quit then as I was going to be in quite a bloody mess had I carried on. I remember Percy Peart watching the fracas from an upper window. I put that one down as a loss!
Another I had was with a Beresford (I think). I remember him as a very creative and talented artist and something started at the scene of the bottled milk area. I vaguely remember putting my empty bottle in his pocket and walking away so he took it out and threw it at me. This then carried on in the bike shed, out of view of the staff windows, where I got stuck into him - no real harm done, though he did try to scratch out my eyes. I feel bad about it now as I actually initiated the whole scene. If you're reading this by any chance - sorry mate.


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Re: Fight, Fight, Fight......etc

I will always remember the day when a fight occured in the school playground one lunchtime.

Edgar Fenwick was the master on playtime duty.

Imagine his face when he forced his way through the screaming crowd,who were shouting "Fight,fight,fight", only to find two innocent First Formers enjoying what they thought was a quiet game of conkers!

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