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Re: Boys from Ingrow (Shauns New Photo)

It was actually the church hall we were based in, not the church. And it was there that Jim Hall severed an artery during a rather wild game we were playing in the cloakroom - cue wild panic from the teachers. Somehow Jim survived thank goodness.
Later the building housed a youth club on Saturday nights and it attracted quite a number of girls as well as our crowd. It was run, I think, by a fellow called Tim. Thanks, Tim!

Re: Boys from Ingrow (Shauns New Photo)

I've just e-mailed another photo to Chris. THis time of Ingrow Infant School. Don't know when it will appear though.
In anticipation - I can only name with any confidence the four on the play mat. Clockwise from the front - Stephen Teale (who passed the 11+ and chose to go to the Technical School), Howard Buckler, myself and Joe Gordon. Can anyone identify any of the others?
Oh .... and can anyone remember where the Technical School was?

Re: Boys from Ingrow (Shauns New Photo)

The top of the head is definitely Greenwood - David, I think ... and I'm 99% certain he also went to KBGS, and was in 1B in 1958.