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Re: Mr Dale K Vincent Firman

Brian Craven's recollections seem to match mine, though I must confess that I found Vince to be only marginally better as a history teacher than a geography teacher. It seemed that there were 20 essential facts about any historical event - oh, the utter tedium.
When I went to school to find out my O-level results Vince approached me with a huge grin on his face (clearly hoping that I had got my just desserts since he seemed not to like me greatly). "Well, how did you get on?" he said. My gleeful response of "Passed,Sir!" was greeted with a grunt and the comment "Never in the history of the world has there been a greater injustice." My thoughts were that his appointment as a teacher at KBGS ran it pretty close.

Re: Mr Dale K Vincent Firman

I was fortunate?? enough to live in the next street to DKVF at Ingrow when he first came to Keighley so saw a side of him which wasnt on display at school.He used to play football in the street with the local kids, but being Vince. had to win, on one memorable occasion he gave the ball an almighty whack and sent it straight through a window, I can still remember the look on his face, priceless.He threatened me with all the torments of hell plus extras if word of this incident got back to the school, needless to say I kept quiet, at 12 you do, at 59 you dont.His wife was a lovely lady, and Vince was like a lamb with her.I liked him,and found him quite a good teacher, at least he didnt bore you to death!

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Re: Mr Dale K Vincent Firman

Yes! Vince certainly lived in Ingrow, though I never found out where despite living there myself.
Occasionally he would get off from school as early as us and travel on the same bus [downstairs, and we were up]. We usually spotted him and maintained a modicum of decorum on the journey.
On one occasion everyone failed to spot him get on.
I was in the first form and travelling with David Pamment and an older lad called Arthur, whom we all knew as 'Arf a teacake. On getting off the bus, David jumped on 'Arf a's back and claimed a piggy back, which lasted for about ten yards until Vince alighted and promptly went ballistic about pupils bringing the school into disrepute. For some reason he hadn't appeared to think that the bedlam on the upper deck all journey or the vulgar and obscene language was at all disreputable.

Re: Mr Dale K Vincent Firman

I recollect that he used old spiral notebooks and dictated the same notes on a yearly basis. Seared in my mind is the the moment I confused the prevailing winds of New Zealand. Vince turned puce. roared in anger, picked up a desk and threw it at me. As I sped out of the room I cannoned into two masters rushing in to calm him down. You read about super-human strength being demonstated at times of stress...

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