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Re: Memories - Food cupboard, chocolate and comics

Let's have a brew, as the two Lancashire folk I know, say.

From my ancient memory of home beer brewing, the wort is placed in the mash tun [bucket in my case] at approx 150 F and Brewer's yeast* added. It forms a thick crust on the surface initially then sinks to the bottom as fermentation progresses, the yeast converting the sugars to Co2 and alcohol. The yeast forms a thick layer on the bottom so I siphoned beer off into a clean bucket before bottling.

CAREFUL: if the beer is bottled before it is almost finished fermenting, the bottles explode, as I once found out. It's safer to use a hydrometer.

I also found home brew had a tang I didn't like though I bought a book, "Brewing Beer Like Those You Buy." Can't remember much about result but I stopped brewing soon after.

* Brewers yeast I got from bottled conditioned beer such as Guinness or a Pale Ale {Red Label or White Shield} and collecting drega.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1953-58