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Rosemary Wibberley

Does anyone know how I can trace Rosemary Wibberley? She posted on here a few years ago that she is a relative of Harry Milton. I am his granddaughter. I have only just seen this forum. I would love to get in touch with her. Thanks, Sally

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Re: Rosemary Wibberley

If you google "Rosemary Wibberley" you will find these links (amongst others).

https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk › qHIjtXYejFDwBozWHjPFLnnaLFI
https://www.facebook.com › DerbyWIs › posts › a-couple-of-questions-fo...
https://uk.linkedin.com › rosemary-wibberley-1b08963b

They all have connections with Derbyshire and look like they could be the same person.
Additionally, the posting on the KBGS website from Rosemary Wibberley is from an I.P. address near Stockport.
Since Stockport is fairly close to NE Derbyshire it is a reasonable bet, though by no means certain, that you may be able to get in touch with her via one of these links.

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Re: Rosemary Wibberley

Thanks so much Shaun. I saw the Derbyshire one, but there seemed to be so many Rosemarys that I gave up. Will try that one and see! All the best, Sally

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