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Christmas re-union

This years meet will again be at The Brown Cow Keighley from 4pm on Monday 23rd Dec 2019.All welcome.

Re: Christmas re-union

Have a great night lads!!!!

Re: Christmas re-union

How did the reunion go?

Re: Christmas re-union

The re-union went really well this year. There were probably 20 “lads” attended which is a record for this decade.All the memories,banter and piss taking made for a very enjoyable evening.Hope to see you here one year. Wishing you and all Southern Hemisphere ex kbgers a happy and prosperous new year.

Re: Christmas re-union

Nothing to do with reunion. Just a plain message to all you old boys for a MERRY CHRISTMAS. A bit of a hopeless gesture really in the current situation but its the beat I can do . Here's to a return to normal by Christmas 2021

Current location (optional) Tasmania

Re: Christmas re-union

I would just like to add my Christmas and New Year wishes to Mike's - especially to those few stalwarts who keep this site alive and interesting, and to Pete Carr who year after year has brought together a good number of the younger lads from the old School with his Christmas reunions at the Brown Cow (is it?). Presumably, that will not be happening this sad year, but I for one hope that it will be able to resume this time next year. Anyhow, to all those who put in an appearance at these electronic and real meeting places, and to the ghostly presences who 'follow' whatever transpires on the website, have yourselves and your families as good a Christmas as circumstances will permit, and let us keep plodding on for a few years yet.



Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1951-58

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