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A KBGS face jogged my memory after 50 years

Last week I was having a rare drink in the Myrtle Place pub in Bingley, A Wetherspoons establishment. In between tedious World Cup soccer matches on the numerous TV screens I spotted a somewhat familiar face among the drinkers. It rung a bell from many decades ago.Somewhat brazenly I said to the dark haired chap as I was leaving the pub "did you go to KBGS many years ago".

He replied yes with a friendly smile and turned out to be the same age at 68. He was not a friend from previous times but said he had lived in Guard House originally and was now residing in deepest Bradford somewhat mysteriously. He said he had had many jobs and was still working. He had a quite a large broad red face and a pleasant manner. But was recalcitrant about his name and past. He appeared extremely self-preoccupied with newspaper puzzles and was very much alone. I Wonder who he was?

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1961-1969

Current location (optional) Deep South