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Re: So called 'educational' visits

I have been looking back over ‘subjects’ covered by correspondents in years gone by. The early ones were posted long before I became interested in the KBGS site. This one, ‘Educational Visits’ took my eye and I thought I would recount an incident which took place on the one and only educational visit I can ever remember. I was at school during the austerity years and suppose there wasn’t the money around to splash out on extra mural activities. But I smile whenever I think of the one and only time I went on an educational visit. George Harrison, our form master and English teacher, took the form to a performance of Macbeth at Bingley Little Theatre. We were studying Macbeth in preparation for our forthcoming School Certificate exam in English literature. I remember it being a happy occasion. We were seated a few rows back from the stage in the stalls. All went well until a scene which takes place In Macbeth’s bedroom - if my memory serves me correctly. There comes a time when Macbeth, preparing for bed, instructs his servant to “Ring the bell when my posset is ready”. A little later, when Macbeth was walking near to his bed, from off stage we heard a ‘ting ting’. Macbeth’s posset was clearly ready. But a member of our form clearly interpreted the sound otherwise. And in a loud voice, clearly heard by most of the patrons of the evenings performance, he uttered the words “ He’s kicked t’bloody piss pot”. The house dissolved in laughter and George Harrison’s face, normally quite dark, became as black as thunder. He was non too pleased! Henceforth, we always equated the word posset as being synonymous with the word chamber pot!

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Re: So called 'educational' visits


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