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Re: KBGS Annual Reunion, September, 2017

Hi Doug,

I'm on my way in fifteen minutes. - a day early but I want to catch up with several friends in the Keighley area later today.
I was speaking with a KBG old boy, Brian Wilcock who lives in Vancouver a couple of days ago - he'll be 84 tomorrow. I'm afraid that he is now housebound but his memory serves him well. He recalls his contribution to the sporting life of the school with pride. He and William Shuttleworth came second in the three legged race on two consecutive years - 1944 and 1945! He sends his best wishes.

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Re: KBGS Annual Reunion, September, 2017

Just got back from the reunion and need to say what a good do it was.
Maybe a slight reduction in numbers but the quality of conversation was all there still.
Thanks Doug & Gill
P.S. I'll give my badge back when we next meet, Gill - promise.

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Re: KBGS Annual Reunion, September, 2017

Some Reunion pics posted this morning, naturally under "Reunions".


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