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keighley grammar roll of honour

My Gt Grandfather was TP Watson and I was surprised to see in an antique shop in Hastings the start of a roll of honour for Keighley Grammar School in 1939. the date of the end of the war was not mentioned and there were only three and a half names on it - Dixon, Thornton? Another one I can't remember and the fortune one was Vern...
Most odd. It is plywood.
I wonder what its history was. It is unfinished and looks a bit like a running record of deaths which was later discarded.

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Re: keighley grammar roll of honour

I have checked a list of WW1 and WW2 casualties via my 'Ancestry' subscription and I cannot find a Dixon or Thornton on either.

(PS if anyone needs anything checking on Ancestry I am willing to help, birth marriages deaths, census data, and there are even electoral rolls for many years for Keighley

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Re: keighley grammar roll of honour

Hi Emma,

Can you remember the name of the shop or, if not, its location?

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