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Mechanics Institute and Methodist Church

Just been browsing the photos of Old Keighley and looking at the one entitled Mechanics Institute and Methodist Church. In the foreground is the Town Hall Square with the war memorial, so I think that the date (1910) must be wrong. The memorial would have been erected to remember those killed during WW1 - maybe in 1915?

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Re: Mechanics Institute and Methodist Church

Shaun. In a book I have there is a photo of the Town Hall Square . The caption reads," The 1930's view from the Town hall across the Town hall Square with the United methodist Free Church on Cavendish street dominating the the scene and the whole area . The spire of 125 ft was the highest in the town and earned it the then popular title of Cock Chapel It was demolished in 1951. Closed for worship in 1937 it was reopened at the brginning of the second world war as the headquarters of the Keighley Squadron of the Air Defence Corps. Before the War Memorial was erected in 1924 there was just a railed circle of trees in its centre.
That answers your question as to the date of the Memorial

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Re: Mechanics Institute and Methodist Church

Brngs back recollections of my early days at KBGS - I was in Beaky's 3A (1954-5) whose form room was 36(?) on the Junior Corridor off the Hall and overlooking Lord Street.
Form periods and any classes held in that room at that time had serious competition from the steel erectors and other trades which were erecting the new Teck college.
Men could be seen walking across the site on the girders which were already in place or taking a ride astride a suspended girder as it was swung into place. Pictures of the erection of the skyscrapers in NYC spring to mind.
Big excitement was the noise of a new section being riveted - to the exclusion of classroom content.
Checking through my reports for that year would seem to indicate a slackening of concentration on my part particularly in subjects taught in that classroom.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1952-60

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