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The Poems of John Joseph Waddington Feather

Things seem to have been a little bit on the quiet side in recent weeks. No new photos for months! However, I thought that some of you might be interested to read a poem written by John Feather, who was, as many of you will know, was both an old boy and a master at the school. John and I have been exchanging the odd item of correspondence for some time and just before Easter, the following poem appeared on my computer screen. I' m sure that he will not mind me reproducing it here. Perhaps it offers an explanation as to why contributions to this site are getting more rare?

Now I'm past my four score years and more, I ask;
" Where are my school- day friends of yesteryear?"
And back comes the reply:
"Alive beyond the bounds of time;
Always young, forever free and happy"
Their faces, ever timeless young,
Return when called from memory,
Beaming afresh our youthful days
Of classroom slog and playground games.

Our kindly teachers also here who taught us,
Overview our welfare and our growing minds;
Gave us means to challenge life
And all the future had in store for us.
You're there, all of you in spirit -
Not ghosts, but peopling, as will we all
A dimension far beyond mortality.

John Joseph Waddington Feather.

Not bad for an old Keighlians, don't you think? Not much to quibble with there. Except perhaps the adjective ' kindly' when describing teachers. Not all were blessed with a halo, at least not on my recollection.

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