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Class Photo Form 4A 1948

Ronnie Burgess, who was educated at KBGS at the same time as myself, has sent me a bundle of photographs which he has asked me to place on line for all to see. Now that I have recalled how to do it, they will appear shortly. I managed to display the first picture this evening but unfortunately some how forgot to name the form members. They are:-
Back Row. Geoffrey Entwhistle, Robert Barrett, Malcolm Smith, Alec Baldwin, Alec Rhodes, Peter Barsby, Jack Binns.
Middle Row. ?Lee, Frank Edward Hiram Smith, Peter Whittaker, Trevor Hutchinson, John Rhodes, Frank 'Timber Toes' Wood, Harry Mawer, Neville Stockdale,
Front Row. Derek Hudson, Edwin Whipp, ?, Ronald Robert Burgess, Joe Eden, Keneth Moore, Trevor Driver, John Greenwood, Terry Jackson.

Can anyone put a name to the lad between Whipp and Burgess?

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1945 - 50

Current location (optional) Norfolk UK

Re: Class Photo Form 4A 1948

Form Photos were not “in” in my spell at KBGS. Teams and the Panora were the order of the day.

Yet photos are a good way of supporting memories. Denis’ previous posting “The Keighlian Magazine” prompted my recollections of my 3A days on the Junior Corridor under the tutelage of Beaky. It tempted me to try to recall the 24 lads who were in that form. How much easier if there had been a photo.

However, to disprove any suspicions of dementia and allied afflictions – here is my recall of the 3A I was in (1954-5).
In Beaky order,
ANDREWS Jeffrey (Archie); ATKINSON Maurice (Akky Mosh); BURNETT Ronald (Bunnie); COLLEN David (Codge); COOPER Anthony; FEATHER Alfred (Alfie); FLEET David (Little Bug); FROST Robert (Barney); GARDNER John: HARRISON David (Tab); HILLERY Bob; HOLLINGS David (Kush); JOHNSON Bernard (YoYo); KING Michael (KickyMing); MACKWELL Trevor; MARSTON Terry (Marzy); MILLER Jonathan (Winnie); OATES David? (Titus); SHARPE David; SMITH Bob; SUGDEN Robert (Zog); THOMAS David (Urdy); TOPHAM John (Num); WHIPP Stuart.

I know that sadly some of this number are no longer with us. However, it would be cheering if survivors were to make themselves known on this web page if only by signing the Guestbook.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1952-60

Current location (optional) Nirvana