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Christmas Reunion

This years reunion will be again at the Brown Cow (at the bottom of west lane )on Monday 23rd December 7-30ish. All ex KBGSers welcome.

Current location (optional) United Kingdom

Re: Christmas Reunion

Hey Pete

Not a lot to say is there! I got lost travelling around the world and have been a lurker of this KBGS forum for years did post one time back in 2006 (but so much overload in my life was reticent to post) anyway I am back in Europe after going to Hong Kong on December 26 1995 for 10 days – long story I landed back in Europe 17 years later in Spain November 2012. The reason for the retreat from the Orient was chronic problems with my eye sight – not yet fixed big problem, unable to work so well say no more…

But can see to ride my bike a REZESA pro bike hand made same model as Miguel Indurain rode when he won his first Tour de France back in 1991. Fantastic bike 100% Campagnolo super handling bike love it, out and about at least 3 to 4 times a week. Welcome Pete and Mick Linyard if you are ever in Alicante let’s get it on and go out for some hard training in the hills and along the coastlines of the the Costa Blanca.

If my old buddy Joe Gordon has a push bike welcome too… Of course if anyone knows how Brian Steele – Roger Shaw – Neville Lumbers – Kevin Emmott – David Boddy – Jonathon Cox – Brian Mechin and so many more are – best wishes…

Sorry to say will not be able to make the Xmas reunion this year…
But next year who knows! All the best to one and all