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Howard Tennant

My brother Dave was over from Germany last week and was inquiring about Howard Tennant, who was in his class at School in the sixties. Earlier this year, Dave had seen a report of Howard's death in the 'Keighley News' and he wonders whether anyone who knew Howard has any further details; he could only have been in his early to mid-sixties.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1951-58

Current location (optional) Cottingham, East Yorkshire

Re: Howard Tennant

Howard Tennant was a good all-round sportsman from Denholme. He had curly blond hair and a ruddy complexion. Very friendly and affable. For some reason he used to practice his slow left arm spin bowling using a golf ball and tossing it quite effortlessly and elegantly to his fellow Denholme cricket colleague Neville Lumbers. The daily bowling practice used to take place in the middle of the KBGS school playground. Seems like stumps were drawn prematurely in your case Howard but I remember you. But then I was bowling from the other end for the colts cricket team under Bill Day's gentle stewardship. A fairly formidable team as I recall.

Re: Howard Tennant

Thanks for this, MF, but your rejoinder seems to have raised several queries. One of our correspondents, a lifelong denizen of Denholme, suggests you may be confusing Tennant with Howard Blackburn (from Denholme)' while my brother writes from Germany:

"Now to Howard Tennant. MF is confused on some points. Yes, Howard was short in stature and had short blond hair and a ruddy complexion and he was indeed a slow left arm spin bowler, but he came from Bradley nr. Skipton and not from Denholme, as did Neville Chambers, who was also in my year, but in another stream. Howard Tennant will best be remembered for being the school 1st XV captain in 1966/67. He played stand-off and I was his inside centre in that team. If I remember correctly he did a teaching certificate at Alsager or the place near Reading after A levels. He was a lovely lad who was fairly quiet and unassuming, but at rugby he led by example. I’m surprised that no one else has commented, because Howard was a popular lad. I am not aware of any other Tennants at KBGS and certainly not called Howard."

As I see it, there is only 'confusion' about where he came from (apparently not Denholme), but curious his 'pairing' with either Lumbers or Chambers, where again there is scope for 'confusion'. Any further thoughts?

Best wishes


Current location (optional) East Yorkshire

Re: Howard Tennant

There was a Bernard Tennant in my year, left in 1965 to do Dentistry at Edinburgh. He lived in Selbourne Grove (previosuly Manvilles) . I am still in touch with him, lives in Lymington. Is the brother in law of regular poster Dave Baldwin.
I dont think there was any connection to Howard Tennant.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 58-64

Current location (optional) Wirral