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Old Boy Making Good!

I do not have an original copy of the Telegraph and Argus which contains the article entitled 'John's Building His Online Fans' . My brother sent me a copy by e-mail and I thought it would be of interest to others who were at school with John Joseph Waddington Feather back in 40's. It reads,
'Book of the Week by Emma Clayton.

We have a constant stream of books landing on the features desk each week but increasing numbers of local authors are turning to the world of self-publishing, getting their work out online.
Retired teacher John Waddington Feather, from Bradford has written a range of books, from children's stories to detective novels featuring his sleuth priest, the Reverend Detective Inspector Blake Hartley.
The six Hartley novels - also featuring sidekick Detective Sergeant Ibrihim Khan, a second generation Bradford Asian returning from a stint in London - are set in Keighworth police station, and since being published on Kindle last June, John says that they've had 'astonishing success'.
The Vice-chairman of the J B Priestley Society and a life member of both the Yorkshire Dialect Society and the Bronte Society, John founded the small-press imprint Feather Books and over the years his books have attracted a growing readership in many countries including Germany, Russia and the Ukraine
Last summer,his crime novels and one of his romantic historical novels were published as e-books on Kindle.
'I've been very ill over the past two years and have been in and out of hospital for major operations as well as three nights a week on dialysis. I'm also approaching 80 so last June I said to my eldest daughter, who's a doctor and monitors me, that I was stopping self publishing in paperback as it was all getting too much.
She suggested that I keep on writing but put my work on Kindle.
She placed four of my detective novels on Kindle and they sold 20 copies. We thought they were doing well, as they wouldn't have sold 20 copies in a month as paperbacks. In December they sold 720 copies. Since then sales have exploded as the Americans have taken the Yorkshire detectives to their hearts'.
John plans to put more boos 0n Kindle, including his Quill Hedgehog children's novels with an environmental slant. 'Quill's Adventures in the Great Beyond' was written in the 1960's as a protest against pollution and urbanisation of the countryside.
His romantic novels include the 'Chance Child' triology, a saga set in the Pennine Hills of Keighworth sprawling several generations'.

Congratulations John. Glad to hear of your burgeoning success! And we all know that you come from Keighley!

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1945 - 50

Current location (optional) Norfolk UK