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Golden Dawn "Pop""

I have to report of the death of Adrian Greenwood-ex K.B.G.S.- a great supporter of the Grammar School and a good friend to all who worked for him. He was especially Willy Wonkerish to us K.B.G.S.boys!He was a confirmed bachelor when I knew him in the `60`s and this "magic" place was my introduction to the World outside K.B.G.S.Dickensian yes but like many Keighlian`s brought up on Hoyle`s "splits" to work where the best Orange Crush etc. was made in the "Northern Union" made me very proud to be involved.
Adrian never swore except to come out with his favourite"Steaming Jack Johnson" His ancient machinery constantly broke down so we always made ourselves scarce!
He constantly went on about "the town`s water" being filthy and much preferred the Spring water which Taylor`s further up Ingrow used.
His ancient mother came in every p.m. and stood in the office to do the `books at a desk in a room which had windows facing onto the bottle washing machine . If she saw you "slacking" there was always a tap on the glass.!Everything was labour intensive. Still am a dab-hand at unscrewing bottles ! I am often reminded when I see Malham Cove on the T.V. of Adrian lamenting like Arkwright in "Open all Hours" whenever a new consignment of glass bottles came from Redfearn`s of Barnsley "When they`ve finished necking my lemonade they will just chuck the bottle over the edge and I will be out of pocket!"
Like William Haigh I learnt how to consume large quantities of "the amber nectar" and have now the dubious honour of knowing most of the pub and off-licence cellars in KLY.etc.
Amagical time in my life where Lister kept Adrian on his toes.- filling his pop bottles as we constantly could`nt keep up with demand.!
As I walk down the"pop" aisle of any Supermarket I see Hoyle`s production for 1 month.Now I judge all"pop" on the Golden Dawn scale. Now Guinness that`s for another post!

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1959-66

Current location (optional) Haworth

Re: Golden Dawn "Pop""

Thanks John. Those were the days. It just seems like yesterday when we were stoking the vertical boiler in the cellar to raise hot water for the bottle-washing machine.
I'll never forget one Christmas Eve when George Clarkson and I were allocated to one B O but, before we departed, we had to extract the Commer from beneath the old crates in the yard before loading the wagon and rolling down to South Street Filling Station to get filled-up. We were overloaded to such an extent that we had to stop half-way up New Road Side to strap the boxes of crisps on! Then we started. Sunderland's (the parents of another ex-KBGS son) then a couple of 'drops' in Haworth - 3 pints before we'd even started! Then on to Oxenhope Social Club (The haunt of many infamous Oxenhope locals) where we had a couple of pints and played the 'bandit' before delivering to Bertha Peacock at the Bay Horse (?) - another pint! By now it was getting late (but we were being paid to drink) so on to the next drop - The Lamb. And, yes, yet another pint!
Almost on our way back to Hoyles but, before we could, we had another couple deliveries. The next was He Dog and Gun (?) near Sawood (?) and, yes, yet another pint consumed before our final delivery before Christmas to a private address at Cross Roads - where drink was offered but refused.
Then back via the Coach Road from The Guide where our driver attempted to 'dodge' the gas lamps on our way back home!
We finally arrived around 10 pm and, after a bath, managed to make it to Midnight Communion at St. John's somewhat the 'worse for wear'.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1959 - 1966

Current location (optional) Shoreham-by-Sea