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The War Years

Do any 'Old Boys' remember George W Lambert who now lives in Ilkley?

He's provided several items from KBGS during the 'War Years' (and attended School from 1938 to 1944) including the following poem, which he believes comes from the School Magazine of June 1942 but is uncertain about all of the words.

If anyone is able to correct it then please feel free to do so:

Scene wor in’t parlour at ‘t Reichtag,
Where Adolf, Herman and Hess,
Wor surrounded by maps and by papers,
By crikey! They wor in a mess!

Then just at that moment t’ door opened,
And Goebbels sneaked through inter’d room,
“Wots up?” squeaked Joe. "Wot yer doin?
You’ve started yer work bloomin soon!"

“We’re bahn ter invade England” said Adolf,
Who were with pride in ‘is voice.
“Wot” sed Joe; “Are yer bahn t’ swim t’ Channel?”
“Nay” Hess sez; “We’re bahn in a boat”.

We ev no boats for thee,
At least, none any good.
We’re bahn to build some,
Of old bit of iron and wood.

We ev no old iron,
Well certainly none any good.
Old Herman’s got plenty of medals,
And thee’s got a foot made of wood!

Then just at that moment,
Berlin’s sirens started wailing,
And t’ Reichstag blew up wi a bang
Covering Adolf and gang

And wen all t’dust had settled,
And visibility wor good,
Hess says: “Here’s tons of old iron”,
Joe says: “and damned bundles of wood!”

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1959 - 1966

Current location (optional) Embsay

Re: The War Years

I remember George W Lambert very well and his younger brother, whose name escapes me. I think they lived in Bolton Road, Silsden. But I don't remember having seen the poem before.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1937-1944

Current location (optional) Huntingdon

Re: The War Years

George Lambert was at the last KBGS Reunion in September 2009 - if memory serves me correctly.

Re: The War Years

George's brother was Frank. Their father, Herbert, was a good mate of my grandfather's

Re: The War Years

Yes, Doug; George was also at the 2007 Reunion and he passed me a cutting from a Silsden Local Magazine regarding the life and death of a popular teacher. Harry Harpin, which I scanned and which now appears on our website today.
He also sent to me a photograph of himself taking part in the 100 yds Hurdles in 1944(heat B)on which I inserted his name for him. You can find this on the Sports Day section of photographs.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1945-50

Current location (optional) Keighley(still!)