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As a "Baby Boomer" I was a milk monitor at my Junior School.
At K.B.G.S. on the bottom floor a third of a pint of of the white stuff was always there to go to at morning break -- BUT many a time my "ration" had gone. So in I`m alright Jack mode I`ll look after myself too. By the time I arrived at Oakbank like many other students we subscribed to the advert "Drink a pinta a day" Cheeky monkeys -but one thing this taught me that life is a jungle etc.Survival of the fittest !Is it?
By the way a certain lady Education minister stopped "free"milk in 1979.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1959-66

Current location (optional) HAWORTH


1971 not 1979


And certainly no lady!

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 55-60;

Current location (optional) Harrogate


I'm not a baby boomer - but I do recall their arrival at the old "campus" (ahem!)in 1959. They flushed the four form entry into 6 and we had a 1f.

Apparently that makes me one of the "pre-baby boomers (silent generation) who get on with life and cope but don't get consideration?". Sorry, I can't quote my source (tempus forget!)

However, as a "prefe" (1958-60) I shared the responsibility for supervising the main school "milk drain" at the North Street end of the ground floor corridor and the following year the 5th and 6th year binge on the Mechanics stage. Each day there were very many bottles left intact (not supped) and these found their way into the prefects' room on the basement corridor where the greedy hogs consumed them in time for the empties' collection the following morning - abetted by the janitorial staff who were really pleasantly pro-school.

Years at KBGS e.g. 1958-1964 (optional) 1952-60

Current location (optional) Lincoln


I loved my milk and always had more than the one off. On especially frosty mornings when' Milk came frozen home in pail' the freezing out of the water content left a creamy residue that was particularly delicious and made your eyes ache to drink it , it was so cold.
On those mornings one would always find a 6 th former sat with some scientific apparatus trying to measure the dewpoint.
I can rememeber Tom Punt there and Paver I think