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found it, FOUND IT!!!

After a number of years searching for this photo, and given it up as being lost forever, it's turned up in a little album I took to England in '96.
I'm overjoyed that I've found it and I've posted it in the School Camp section ' 'Lads at School Camp.

Re: found it, FOUND IT!!!

I was so excited I have incorrect punctuation and I can't even spell my own name correctly!!!

Re: found it, FOUND IT!!!

good that the upload is working. i have fixed the spelling.

Re: found it, FOUND IT!!!

Great to see these guys again. By the way, David Haig emailed me recently to say he'd been in touch with Dave Pamment just before Christmas. He's living in Bristol and is retired now. Robert Bracewell was a great blues harmonica player in the mid sixties. Wonder if he kept it up?

Re: found it, FOUND IT!!!

I can not have made too much of an impression, I am the "??" and I guess the photograph was taken by Peter Jack. Spent some happy hours in Geelong back in the sixties, days when being at sea was a pleasure.

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