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Welcome to the Hall of Flames


Yes it’s about my Love Affair with Rock & Roll. Hear I’ll be reviewing a few of my favorite Bands, CD’s, and MP3's.

With Stories Links and Comments on well known acts

as well as the unknown independent artists.


 Feel free to post any comments or stories; please just make it relevant.




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Hero or Villian ? Both

IT's Juzt Good Clean Family Fun!

Blame it All on Alice!


Alice Cooper was and still is one of my favorite artists.


In my Rock-n-Roll Excursions through Time, I was lucky enough to meet and play with Glen Buxton and be an opening act for The Michael Bruce Band.

 (Visit Shock Treatment for the article I wrote.)

Always the villain and yet a perfect gentlemen- Alice has terrorized, horrified and driven us right out of our minds. He was the first to bring forth the ultimate shock rock performance and has influenced us all not to fear the dark, just have a little respect!

It’s OK to take a Peak at these…


The Little things

Love is a Loaded Gun



Interests: Me

Hero or Villian ? Both

How DID Alice get his NAME?


Legend says… That the Boy’s were messing around with a Ouija board and they were contacted by some Harlot named Alice Cooper. If you know or have a version of the legend of how Alice got his name let us know.


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Hero or Villian ? Both

Alice Cooper Update

Just spoke with my good Buddy Andy- known as Triple A hear or AAA. His P.C. is down so he hasn't been bye in a while. But he did Mention that he liztens to  Nights withAlice Cooper Radio Station quite often. He had mentioned this before but I dropped the ball. But funny how thought travelz in circles so hear I am making this Update...

I justed joined the forum...Coool

Kinda freaky...Yeaah FREAKY!

Interests: Me

Hero or Villian ? Both

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