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50/50 dancing problem.

1)I have visited a number of dancing venues in recent years and have noticed what seems to me to be a recent development during 50/50 dances. Many sequence dancers do not get up to dance the more exotic ballroom and Latin dances (rumba , tango, cha cha etc.), presumably because they are not confident enough to do so. ( Like me, I think they are only confident enough when doing the waltz, quickstep and slow foxtrot.) However, during a ballroom or Latin dance these couples will get up and do a sequence dance around the periphery of the floor (e.g. they will dance the Tina Tango during a “proper” tango.). Now this works fine until you are dancing the part of the dance that takes you against the flow/line of dance when you may well bump into a couple doing a proper tango, or whatever. So my plea is for the writers/producers of new dances to come up with some not too difficult sequence dances that do not require you to dance against the line of dance (nor into the centre of the floor) at any time. Thus there would be no potential collisions during a dance. I can dance a number of popular sequence dances, but cannot think of any where you continually move forward along the line of dance, but I’m open to correction here.
2) If like me you believe that it better for dancers to dance sequence around the periphery, as described above, rather than be sitting down during a dance that has been announced as a ballroom or Latin one, do you think that leaders/organists should encourage ballroom and Latin dancers not to dance around the very periphery of the floor, thus leaving room for sequence dancers on the outside of them? (That is, until the day arrives when there are a number of popular sequence dances available that have you moving continually forward as described above ! )

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

Years ago before our Sequence Dancing days we attemded dances which were predominantly Standard Ballroom and Latin.with a few evergreen sequence along the way
The problem was solved by having both types of Tango strictly adhered to.
The MC would state very clearly Modern Tango or Sequence Tango and those that did not comply were politely ushered from the floor.
The only offenders usually were newcomers who obviously did not know the difference.It worked very well for both groups.No blood was ever observed on the floor.Ha Ha!!

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

This topic made me smile. 50/ 50 means 50% modern ballroom and Latin and 50% sleep walking. We often hear the sequence dancers derided by the ballroom / Latin dancers for their apparent lack of dance floor etiquette. But in my experience this isn't the case. Anyone who lacks ballroom manners is derided as a sequence dancer.

On the other hand I see ballroom and latin dancers going onto the floor and performing the same 6 or 8 bar routine over and over. For 4 or 5 waltzes a night 2 tracks on each occasion. During this time if a ballroom dance is put on about 2/3 rds of dancers take to the floor, Latin dances achieve a lot less participation. But put on one of the sleep walkers like the Rumba one, Balmoral blues etc. and everyone is up dancing. I don't see what satisfaction they get.

So whereas one would assume MSD would feature and encourage less variety within an evening's dancing it is clearly in my experience that the opposite is in fact true. In the Modern sequences dances, we attend or run, 90% or more of the class are able to dance most of the moves in the technique books up to gold level and beyond and are able to dance a less well known sequence dance by following someone and if required having the moves called out to them. They watch the leaders start the dance you can hear them whispering to their partner or neighbour ”travelling contra, 1-3 open natural, open impetus, natural weave etc.”. It is not rocket science.

As the NIKE advert says “Just do it” and please enjoy it with a smile.

I await the fallout.

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

@Brynithel3: Please do not deride people who just want to enjoy a nice social evening dancing the popular sequence dances ( as opposed to the here-today-gone-tomorrow dances that I gather are called Modern Sequence Dances. ) And I wonder how many Modern Sequence Dances you attend where 200+ dancers REGULARLY come together to enjoy themselves?

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

Hi Gwyn
Don't deflect the blame. I sorry I thought it was you that was having a go at people enjoying themselves and maybe not quite fitting in to your idea of PROPER DANCING.

I have noticed that there are three parallel universes in the dance world
1 Ballroom and Latin
2 Modern sequence dancing
3 Sequence dancing

The sequence dancer clubs who use routines mainly pre 1970 are still thriving and enjoying their dances. The members of the clubs I have visited would no sooner leave their comfort zone and go to a Ballroom and Latin 50/50 dance than enter an iron man competition. It's just what they enjoy doing and good luck to them.

MSD dancers often ask what pleasure I get attending a 50/50 dance. They, on the whole, think it seems very chaotic and rarely do you see anyone circumnavigate the dance floor without having to disrupt the flow of their dance.

But for you to have the temerity to suggest that the inventors of our HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW MSD DANCES should change tack and only invent dances that never move against LOD, would that mean we couldn't use a 5 step in the tango? God forbid.

I have some very good friends who are good ballroom/latin dancers. If I attend a dance with them and they complain about a pair of sequence dancers disrupting the flow of the dance. I often challenge to get into polite conversation with these so called sequence dancers and during the conversation ask them which dance classes they usually attend. On every occasion they never turn out to be SDs more likely ballroom dancers who have been taught a sequence dance during a dance holiday, liked the moves and tried to adapt it to Ballroom.

Like I said in my previous post just enjoy what you're doing and please don't interfere with MSD style of dancing.

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

@Brynithel3: My attitude is each to his/her own. I just wish it could be each to his/her own together ( i.e. at the same time ). From what you say many (most?) MSD dancers disliked the social (popular) sequence dances, and as I assume all the originators of new dances are MSD dancers, there would seem to be little likelyhodd of the plea in my original message on here being answered. Pity.
Just one correction: re "But for you to have the temerity to suggest that the inventors of our HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW MSD DANCES should change tack and only invent dances that never move against LOD, would that mean we couldn't use a 5 step in the tango? God forbid. ", I did not suggest (or at least mean to suggest) that inventors should ONLY invent dances that never move against the LOD. Just having a few such dances would be quite enough as far as I'm concerned.
Thanks for your interest, and happy dancing (whatever type takes your fancy ! )

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

"From what you say many (most?) MSD dancers disliked the social (popular) sequence dances."

Where did I say that? Very negative. I would never be so presumptive as to speak like that on behalf of others.

I attend Social sequence dances on occasion but would never want to dance the same dances every night, watch the same television repeats every night, eat the same food every meal time, read the same book time after time. It would be like the film Groundhog day.

Must go, I have two 9 year old grandchildren who have just finished the Maths work I set them and want to have it marked. Then I must prepare the 17 dances we are to do this evening. (3 waltzes, 3 foxtrots, 2 tangos, 2 rumbas,1 cha cha,1 quickstep, 1 jive,1 mambo,1 saunter, 1 swing, 1 blues.) All different from the 17 we did last night. Sorry there are two repeats, they were requested. We will walk them at 7 before the dance starts at 7.45.

I do wish we could all combine and appreciate the best that each has to offer, that's why I started to attend the different styles but I fear it will never happen.

Happy dancing.

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

Having reread it I meant presumptuous not presumptive.

Re: 50/50 dancing problem.

Only just read a few posts,i gather the first post was worried dancers might bump into each other, well whoever is in charge should say,sequence dancers on the outside and ballroom dancers in the middle of the floor,(or the other way round,)if observing how(-what)the dancers are capable of then the host,should be in a position where,he,she,takes charge,and directs the dancers so they can dance whatever they want to do,of course,different situations may dictate a different outcome,as long as there is room,then what's wrong with some one dancing a modern tango sequence routine,after all even ballroom dancers sometimes want the floor space that another couple may also want!! be polite on the floor,don't jump in front of others,change your own routine if your in the lucky position of being a more advanced dancer,and we can all enjoy our own,and others dancing experience !! me,i love watching other dancers,and listening to the music,even when i'm on the floor doing my bit,because i'm loving the moment best wishes all,and every one, ( all you can do is try your best )