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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Pinewoods - Noisy campsite with loutish behaviour

I agree with everything about the great location of this site, even the dodgy toilet facilities do not bother me.
However, I cannot camp on this site again due to the roving gangs of single sex tent pitches keeping me awake all night. I have experienced some of the worst youth all-night partying which is allowed to go-on despite the campsite saying they have all night security personnel. Very disappointed by the management's attitude to policing the tent pitches after nightfall and spoliing the fun for decent family groups who want a nights sleep without loutish behaviour. This has happened to me on more than one weekend trip and I am bitterly disappointed that a few individuals are allowed to run riot, spoiling it for the majority.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Pinewoods Holiday Park

Re: Fine

Stayed here during last week and all is fine - quiet and peaceful - but i accept that it was outside school holidays which could well be different.
SUPERB location for the beach - beautiful views
10 min bike ride to wells about 1 mile away but easy walk - or even catch the train!!
Toilet / shower facilities ample but well worn and in need of refurbish but well cleaned.
Will definitely come again - last time was 27 years ago with small kids - and still an ideal and safe place for kids as well.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Pinewoods

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