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Forum: Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Awful, hostile, un-friendly!

I have just returned from Fisherground campsite on the quiet western side of the Lake District.

A simple summary of the site would be - overrated, over-priced and over crowded.

Has anyone else experienced the extremely hostile owners? I feel very strongly that it shuold not have been included in the cool camping guide for a number of reasons:-

1) Treating everyone as a potential "rule breaker" as soon as they arrive is not the best form of customer service.
2) A long barbed wire fence running through the campsite to stop anyone taking a 'short-cut' to the toilet block (there appears to be no other reason for it to be there) is dangerous and draconian. The barbed wire is at eye level for your average 5 or 6 year old - figure that one out on a supposedly 'family friendly' website.
3) At the prices charged, can water not be factored in to the price? We paid £26 per night for a family of 5, only to realise that a decent shower cost £1 (2 x 50p)so in reality the cost was at least £31 per night!
4)The gates are strictly locked at 9pm, and with no on-site facilities it seems starnge that holiday makers cannot go out for a leisurly evening meal. There is nowhere to leave a car outside site, and as pretty much no-where is in walking distance, it seems very harsh. I wondered if they get a commission on the light railway service, but with a minimum fare of £4 each we would have had to pay at least £20 to use it!

I visited the Fisherground site because it has been included in the cool camping guide, and I now wonder if i should throw it away and rely on the knowledge of fellow campers in the future?

Anyone else had an experience like this?

sarah (Leeds)

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Fisherground

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