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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Caravan - not to Hire

We arrived at the caravan park and were shown to our caravan. The outside was absolutely filthy, when inside the windows were filthy and we had to ask to have them cleaned. The patio set outside on the verandah was covered in cobwebs and again filthy, we had to ask for this to be washed (we never used this. The caravan was freezing cold and damp, the blankets were old and smelling, by luck we had our sleeping bags with us. There was no battery in the smoke alarm, 2 bulbs were out and we had to ask for these.

The TV was the size of a postage stamp and had 2 channels, our kids were not amused.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... RiverValley Holiday Park

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