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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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A total disgrace

One would be delighted looking at the website that such a perfect camping location existed. On turning up at the campsite I found a muddy field shared with cattle and an electric fence which was not switched on.
I opted for the electric hook up for the fridge we take with us and other lighting etc. This I found to be in a dire condition and was told that the farmers son had installed it... not very health and safety orientated.
If I wished to bathe my feet in red diesel I would have walked barefoot through a busy motorway service area. It was pouring from a leaking tank onto the pathway.
The showers... lets not go there!
Our children wanted to see the animals. Again I wish we had not gone to the farm yard. Pigs kept in festering conditions and young calves living in their own faeces. Not very attractive at all. Value for money was zero. Rudeness from the farmer and his son 10 out of 10. Dead chickens in the cage in the field 1. Money wasted getting there from London TOO MUCH. I reported the farm to the RSPCA and DEFRA.
Please do not be fooled by the website. It shows images about 5 years out of date and you would be better camping somewhere else. My children and wife were in tears looking at the calves.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Penwarne Barton Campsite

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