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terrible treatment to children

been here several times before always was good. went this year 4/7/09. We got the brunt of an incident that happened the week before, they let us pitch and then said our party of 10 adults and 13 children was too big and made us leave, being told by staff if we didnt, the owners brother said he WOULD BURN THE TENTS DOWN WITH US AND THE KIDS IN THEM!. we left and had to drive 3 hours home with a 1 year old crying for his bed and a 2 year old baby as well.

absolutely shocking was to be treated, NEVER AGAIN WILL ANY OF MY FAMILY IR FRIENDS BE GOING HERE!!

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... oban camping and caravan park,

Re: terrible treatment

I have also being going to this campsite for years, and when i want on 05/09 my boyfriend asked, the owner if we could pitch up, in our tents in the grass field, the owner just answered the door, being really abrupt and slammed the door in our face

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... OBAN CARAVAN SITE

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