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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Not recommended

It's rare that I submit reviews like this, but I was so disappointed by Rosetta Holiday Park that I feel I have to share my experience with others. We visited for a long weekend in June, 2009 and came away with a list of complaints.

- While the park has lovely surroundings, no care is taken in the park itself. We arrived to find drink cans on the grass, crisp bags in a stream running through the park and sweet wrappers in the children's play area. When we left a few days later, the same litter was there, and added to.

- The facilities are very dated: the toilets and showers in particular are very grubby and unpleasant (and the water was chilly).

- While I can obviously only speak for the time we were there, we had a problem with noisy neighbours. We were in a caravan, but a large tent was pitched nearby with a group of 20-something guys. They were up late with loud music and drinking. I overheard another guest telling them to be quiet, but it didn't work. After such a long drive, we all really needed to get some rest, but it wasn't to be.

- Worst of all were the park staff. We went to see them about some of the above, and while they initially seemed concerned, they did nothing and when we returned to speak with them they fobbed us off in quite a rude way. I guess they had our money by this point so did not need to make us happy.

- On the Saturday we were there, my whole family witnessed a loud argument between park staff and someone who appeared to be a contractor. There were raised voices and a lot of swearing, which is hardly suitable for a 'family' park.

- Other minor quibbles were the lack of recycling facilities, which is really feeble in this day and age. Also, my son noticed that all the lights throughout the park were turned on all through the long summer days, a horrible waste of power and very environmentally un-friendly.

All in all, we got the impression that staff only did the bare minimum for the guests. Once they have your booking, and payment, they are not interested. Their attitute is nicely summed up by one of guys from the office, who appeared to spend 90% of his working day smoking outside the reception building and shouting into a mobile phone.

Very disappointing and definitely not recommended. I have heard that it used to be a much better park when run by the former owners. That good reputation may be why they still have bookings, but I doubt many people will return unless they make some serious improvements.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Rosetta Holiday Park

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