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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Maes-y-bryn campsite, Llanrwst

I have not stayed on this campsite but was invited for a barbeque by my brother and his family when they stayed over the bank holiday period. They had previously visited us on another campsite for a barbeque and had received a warm welcome from the owners and no charge. My brother had asked the owner of Maes-y-bryn campsite if it was alright for us to visit and she agreed. She was also informed we were prospective customers as we own a caravan. He informed her that there would be a car and two motor bikes and she informed him we would have to park near the reception area which we did. We arrived after 2pm and had been travelling for over two hours due to traffic. The two men arrived on their bikes at 2.30. We walked up to meet them. I had a drink in my hand (shandy) and the owner went berserk. She shouted, and waved her arms about saying she wanted us off the premises by 5pm before other campers returned. Nothing had been said or done to warrant this behaviour and we were stunned but did not react or respond to her and just walked away. I informed my brother who said this had not been mentioned in the morning. He went to see her and asked her if she would allow us to stay until 6pm. but that he would be writing a review. She then hurried down to where we were sitting and demanded that we would all have to leave immediately as she was being threatened. My brother had not threatened her but had informed her he would be writing a review. She said that we were all going to get drunk as we were having a barbeque and that I was drinking. I was drinking a shandy and had not long arrived. There were two pregnant ladies in the party who could not drink. The two men on bikes could not drink and my husband was driving so could not drink. My frail 84 year old mother does not drink and the rest had been there all weekend and had caused no problems. We are a respectable, hardworking family and this upset us all and spoiled the day. My mother was very upset and wanted to go home. My brother went to try to reason with with the owner and she finally agreed to allowing us to stay till 6pm and promptly charged my brother £30.00 for the privelege. No receipt was given or offered for this amount. Please take note Mr. Taxman!! The site was very nice, basic but clean and in a nice location although the entrance was difficult to access but the unacceptable attitude of the owner leaves a lot to be desired. We have been caravanning for 25 years and are members of the Camping and Club and and have never come across anything like this before. Needless to say we won't ever be going to stay at this site or recommending it to anyone. Quite the reverse!!

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Maes-y-Bryn Campsite,

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