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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Poor Everything!

I have been camping, tents & Caravans over the last 30 Years and some Campsites still have 1980’s Facilities but want to charge Today’s prices.
While I don’t expect 5* facilities I do expect them to be fit for purpose and usable.

I recently went to stay in East Sussex, which seems to be low on Campsite numbers, especially near the Coast.
I was looking in the Eastbourne area as I wanted to visit the Cuckmere Southdowns and surrounding area.
I chose ‘Castle Camping’ between Eastbourne and Pevensey but on arrival and looking round the totally rundown and dirty Shower/toilet blocks, some of which had broken toilet cisterns and broken tiles on the floor also overflowing rubbish bins, I decided against it.
They wanted £20p/n for a tent plus £5 for EHU and said this was the going rate! This site is still very 80’s in Facilities and the Managements attitude.

As some of the Facilities problems were dangerous and had a Health & Safety aspect I contacted the Local Trading Standards, who actually went and visited the site as they had had previous complaints.
The Trading Standards have apparently now given them some directions to achieve! These sites are certified by the Local Councils on a ‘One off basis’ and then thats it!

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Castle Camping, Pevensey

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