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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Rude Receptionist

I just called this camp site for a quote on a weeks holiday with my partner this August. The receptionist said they had spaces available and started asking me the relevant questions in order to give me a quote; what type of pitch was needed, how many people, whether we had any pets. We have one impeccably trained staffordshire terrier. He asked what breed of dog we have and when I told him he replied no, they didn't want that sort of thing there and put the phone down! I was absolutely shocked he could be so rude and am still not sure what 'that sort of thing' is. If the customer service is like that on the phone I'm not sure I'd like to experience what it's like on site.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Northey Lodge Touring & Storage Park

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