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Review Mandale Campsite

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Mandale Campsite, nr Bakewell, Derbyshire
Published by Former Scout
Mandale Campsite, nr Bakewell, Derbyshire
I spent just one night at Mandale Farm at the end of the school summer holidays with my younger son. We rang up on spec Friday morning and within ninety minutes had driven there, paid, chosen a pitch and were pitching our tent. Due to our short stay I cannot give a particularly in-depth review but, hopefully, the following will be of some use.

The campsite is about 3.5miles miles from Bakewell which itself is not large, so the campsite is quiet and has a delightfully remote feeling about it. It’s very much the sort of site I like: family-run, not overly commercial, has a few essential facilities (showers, toilets and washing up) and nothing else (no bar, no playground, etc.). After being warmly greeted and paying what I thought to be a reasonable fee for our stay we were free to choose our own pitch – it was quiet and we were only the third group on two fairly large fields. The second field (I assume that this is the “family field”) is the more level of the two (even so, few of the pitches are completely level) and had the better views but is also more exposed to the winds; and it can be windy here! The first field has relatively few useable pitches as much of it is on a significant slope. This did, however, mean that there was plenty of space for the kids to go and play without the risk of bumping into tents or getting under the feet of the grownups. Given that the wind was up we chose to pitch on the first field in the lee of tall trees separating the two fields.

The site’s remote location means that there is little light pollution at night and little if any noise....with one exception: the campsite is on one of the distant flight-paths for (I presume) Manchester Airport and, after my son woke me up at about 5am because he wanted to go to the toilet, I struggled to get back to sleep and was aware of the aeroplanes overhead. They weren’t low or making a booming noise and I doubt that they would have woken me without my son helping that cause, but I was aware of them.

Looking at the map suggests that there are plenty of walks in what is a pretty area and a group of DofE explorers arrived early evening in the middle of a two or three day hike.

The toilet and shower facilities are functional and adequate but hardly the last word in luxuriousness – which is fine by me. There are two sinks for washing up but there is only cold water and they are outside and exposed with no roof or shelter. As a result I had to ferry pans of hot water to the sink from our pitch and, on more than one occasion, got wet from the rain. I think that the site should at least look at putting some form of simple shelter over the sinks; I can’t imagine that would be too much of an expense.

As always I asked my co-camper what he thought of the campsite. He appreciated the views (not bad for a seven year old boy!!) and the space to play. I too liked the site. The space for the kids to go and play was a blessed relief after the experience of two other camps that season and the rates were very reasonable. I’m sure that we will camp again at Mandale and for longer than just one night.

Mandale Campsite
Mandale Farm, Haddon Grove
Nr Over Haddon
DE45 1JF

Location Map
By Caz on 22-02-10, 11:09 PM
I stayed at this site a couple of years ago and endorse what FormerScout has said. I was on the larger field, beware - it is very exposed if at all windy. They only allow tents and small motorhomes, no caravans. That was the time when my son went to sleep in the car because he thought the tent was going to blow away, and locked himself in the boot (not sure how). The tent stood firm, although one of our neighbours had a few problems with the wind and broke a pole.

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