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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Our experience

Purpose of visit was for a very special reunion after years overseas and various family tragedies. Twelve family members camping together. Phoned in advance to book specific days but told to just turn up on the day. First family to arrive had travelled 5.5 hours and was told the site was closed and to leave! They talked their way into being able to stay. Told no hot water until Saturday as boiler broken but we met a visiting engineer the same afternoon and he said it was ‘fixed’. Next day, rest of extended family arrived. Still no hot water and toilets locked middle of night. Inconsistent pricing policy as first told you pay by number of tents, then as ‘family units’ but a family unit then turned out to be two adults, two children under 10 and any over 10 are counted as adults! Some campers arrived with huge tents but were charged less than others with two smaller tents with same number of bodies. Other campers shared their previous experiences of no hot water (they returned as they like location) and locked washing room for crockery even though only with cold water taps. Given different reasons as to why no hot water from women’s showers being broken, initial camping party being too small, to electrical problems etc but the testimonies of other campers provided enough evidence that it was a cost-cutting exercise. The boiler is only lit when numbers are very large and at weekends. Promised repeatedly a reply as to whether shower room could be unlocked even for cold showers but no response after four requests. Huge skip left for campers’ rubbish but no cover to contain smell. Mrs Price was verbally aggressive and would not engage in a calm discussion about pricing or showers. Locations stunning, walks perfect just requires a clear, fair, advertised pricing policy, accessible showers either hot or cold, unlocked crockery washing facility (as only cold water taps anyway), cover for skip to contain garbage, toilet rolls and soap dispensers. We love Wales but the visit caused frustrations and upset as messages from staff were confusing and seemingly dishonest.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Llanmadoc Camping and Caravan Site South Wales

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