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Staff aggressive and rude - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

A friend of mine recommended this site as somewhere pretty local and ideal for weekends away. My friend and I (my friend is disabled and in a motorised scooter) went up for the day to have a look and hopefully arrange a date for our holiday. We stopped at reception and asked if we could have a look around with a view to making this our regular weekend haunt, and we were told we could, but we'd have to leave our car outside, meaning I had to unload the disabled buggy from the car so my friend could see it also. We started to walk round the (in our opinion, very crowded) site and to be honest, wasn't that impressed. I spotted the toilet block and went up to use the loo, only to find one of those number lock thingys on the door. A very helpful camper came up and pressed the correct buttons to open the door for me so I could use the toilet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, ran this mad woman (the warden) shouting at the top of her voice for the helpful camper to shut the door and not to let me in. "But I only want to use the loo", I protested..... "No day visitors can use the toilet!" she screamed at me, and when I tried to ask why she just stormed off, totally ignoring me. I followed her, still trying to talk to her, but she stormed into reception and locked the door. My friend also needed the toilet but couldn't get in (don't even know if there was a disabled loo or not). We went back to the car and rang reception but they didn't answer, so we waited for them to come out.....and after an hour or so we gave up and went home. I did write to the Camping and Caravanning Club about this episode and received a letter from them, but whether or not they did anything with this warden, I don't know....needless to say, we won't be going back - worst attitude we've ever come across!!

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Clitheroe Camping and Caravanning Club site

Re: Staff aggressive and rude - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

The information you shared is really useful and thank you for that

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