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Caravan and Campsite Reviews
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Dont do it, you have been warned

As a caravan club member i am used to good quality clean sites. After looking at the fantastic website for this site i was confident in booking a 4 night break to be near York.
All i can say is that the website is far better than the site itself.

If you have quite low standards as regards pitch electricity supply and cleanliness then this site will suit you, If not stay away! you have been warned.

My job as a hotel reviewer is to be honest and factual.
I do not get friendly with management and leave good reviews for them to read, so i can be treated well on return like many do.

I did not go to this site to review it but after leaving felt only fair to give others a clear picture before they book.

The reception/shop
Cold feel,smells dirty, Shop here very basic, staff not very friendly, few smiles if any!
Very small(10ft) and basic indeed,limited to 8 people so you need to book a slot? Very dark room the size of the average homes garage!To reach the pool you have to go through the reception under the glare of the grumpy site owner.
Club house
Very Blackpool like, if this is your thing.The main bar area has scruffy tables and chairs and dirty carpet made it have a cheap feel. Although their new conservatory is lovely if not cold.
Blackpool backstreet. Good if you enjoy that type of thing, gets very crowded even in Feb.
£10 returnable barrier and toilet key,
Once through the gate static caravans understandably take the best places next to the lake.
Passing them you come to the first small tourer pitches on your right. Small grass areas directly side onto the road(barely big enough to fit a 2 berth caravan and small car)These were all churned up on the edges when we went in feb very muddy and the tarmac is broken in many areas.
The next pitches on your right on an area of grass classed as(lake/pond side) They are all grass and are on a slope towards the(large pond)they are 3/4 caravans deep and 5 wide so this grass area would i can imagine in summer be packed. When i visited in Feb it looked too muddy to put anyone on them and a few of the best pitches looked to have seasonal tourers on. To our surprise at the weekend they filled the muddy pitches with tourers.
Facing these is the Toilet block!!!!!(discription lower down)
Behind this block is a horse shoe shape road with grass pitches on both sides of the muddy pot holed road.
The outer pitches back onto the boundry fence and are just long enough to fit a 22 ft caravan with an area at the side just big enough for porch awning and car. The centre grass area inside the road is an open area where they fit as many caravans on as possible.
As the road is a small single track you can be closely face to face with another caravan, and it can be very tricky to get your caravan into position.
Some of the grass areas are a disgrace, they were so muddy and full of pot holes along the edges of the road. Very dirty so made it impossible to keep your caravan or car clean.
You would think the site would have least filled the very deep mud areas with some stone given you need to step on them to get out of your car and into your caravan.If the site is to open in winter they should make sure it is suitable.
They need to invest in some hard standings or close the grass areas in some winter months.
This is where the reviews i have seen have shocked me. How people can say this site has clean bathrooms is beyond me. They are DISGUSTING.
The ladies showers are full of cobwebs there are ceiling tiles that are vents to the attic space above so you can see through to the rat and mouse traps. Cobwebs, rat poison, dirt and SPIDERS drop through them onto you, the vented tiles are compacted with years of dirt dust and cobwebs and the ceiling is filthy and damp stained.
***The toilets, sink and showers need upgrading badly**
The gents shower block had rat poison that had dropped through similar ceiling vents onto the shower floors (very dangerous for children)

We had snow the weekend we stayed. Nowhere was gritted the whole time, the paths outside the toilet block were very slippy and even though the snow stayed for days no one attempted to clear any paths. The camp site road was not gritted at all. No curbs were cleared of deep snow,so quite a few caravans bumped into the high curb on the tight corner that you have to go around to get off the site.We did and had to unhitch to get around the icy corner with the help of another caravaner. Even though there were quite a few men on large tractors and machinery just next to this area not one even bothering to help anyone.
I would say if you are used to a clean caravan and a quality site with good bathroom facilities then this site will dissapoint you. If you are going for the blackpool type entertainment and dont mind the crowds, dirt and cobwebs then you will enjoy it.
No under 18's in the pool unless with parents.
No Play area for children and no open area on view from your caravan for them to play on. Also as you cannot see the pond from most pitches you would have to be careful not to let younger children wonder as the pond is not fenced at all.

We heard of a family that were banned from the clubhouse for their whole stay as their nearly 18 year old had drank a can of beer on the way to the clubhouse and then put the empty can at the side of his chair once in the clubhouse.(He was not drinking alchohol in the clubhouse yet a bar lady saw the can and accused the 17 year old and also the 13 year old son of another family of under age drinking and told the whole group (2 families and children to leave immediately).The family explained they had spent £50 in the bar that night and all the children had soft drinks and no one had drank illegally.
The bar lady was extremely rude, even complained of children having a few COMPLIMENTARY sweets from the bar area. They were all not allowed to go back into the clubhouse for their whole stay!
All in all after asking a few people to comment on this campsite while we were there they were all less than complimentary.
The feel you get from the staff is that they are doing you a favour by allowing you to stay there, especially the owners wife who actually evicted someone off site because we heard she had double booked and that would be a way of vacating the site without giving a refund,DISGUSTING.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Cawood Holiday Park


Caravan / Campsite name (required) .......... cawood PARK

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... CAWOOD PARK

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