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Dolbeare Park - Beware

BEWARE THE SITE OWNERS. Although the site is clean with reasonable facilities and a nice play area for young children, it is let down by very poor customer service. The site owners clearly are new at running campsites and don't appreciate that they need to treat their customers with respect.

Vitally important if you have children: the man that owns the site took photos of our children playing, without asking permission. This may have been a genuine mistake but be wary of this. As the business owner he should know that he is not allowed to do this and we found this to be extremely unsettling.

We stayed as a group of families with young children over a weekend and an enjoyable holiday was spoilt at the end when the site owners became EXTREMELY hostile over a burnt patch of grass caused by a disposable barbecue. Although we made the owners aware of the accident and offered to pay the £5 penalty set out in the terms and conditions, the male owner was very aggressive declaring the burn to be a £10 burn without actually saying why their terms didn't apply to this particular burn. His partner then proceeded to explain how the BBQ managed to burn the grass in a very condescending manner, as if she was talking to a group of children. In fact I would not speak to anyone like that, adult or child.

Overall the nice campsite and clean facilities is let down by the attitude and behaviour of the owners. Consequently I cannot recommend this site.

Caravan / Campsite name (if applicable) .......... Dolbeare Park

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