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My thoughts on the change and everything in between

So I have been waiting around to see what everyone has to say about this whole thing and yet no one has posted a ****ed thing. So I guess I will make the first move. Everyone should know by now that I have been following The World of Myth even before it was The World of Myth. It was a very small site for writers to have their short stories and comic books posted for everyone to see and then it suddenly disappeared. That was in May of 2004. Four months later I get wind of this new Magazine thing that was coming out as a replacement for the world of Dark myth site and boy let me tell you I was ******* I wrote in and threw a fit like a crackfiend without his fix and though I was not expecticting a reply I sent it off into cyberspace anyway. To my surprise the New Editor in Chief named Terry Scherer wrote me back and basiclly said to give the new magazine a chance, though it would not have comic book which I am a huge fan of, there would be other things that would hopefully grab me as well. That was almost 5 years ago now that we are now in 2009. And I'm still here even without the comics, I love this magazine it feels like it is apart of me somehow. I know that sounds stupid but its true. I guess what Im saying is that Im not happy not one bit that the world of myth is ending but, I am willing to give the new 2m magazine a chance and hope that all of you out there behind the computer screen do the same. Just give it a chance.
I am a loyal fan and always will be.

Re: My thoughts on the change and everything in between

I worry. I worry about a lot of things, I suppose. I worry that TWoM is gone forever. It felt like home. I supported it at various blogs and whatnot. Steve Bolin's gone. Changing things, completely reversing the way things are done, and holding onto your fan base is a tricky thing. I hope Dark Myth does it.

2M? Okay, I'll give it a chance. But the way I'm understanding it, is the chance I'll be giving it is buying it at the bookstore. This I will do as an avid reader. It will be competeing against "Fantasy and Science Fiction," my personal favorite.

I hardly ever come back here anymore 'cause it hurts a little. But 2M will, I'm sure, take over the world and impact it as strongly as the last change you spoke of; more readers and more money and more reading enjoyment.