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Interview and Traffic


I just had a great idea. December with a BANG right?

Why not let me interview you in my ezine, direct as much traffic to the December issue as I possibly can? Our first official issue was September 26th, and while I'm counting traffic during construction of the site, we've still got over 30,000 hits right now. By our 2nd issue, I was hoping for 60,000 hits, but my technical advisor believes it will be closer to 100,000 (I tell him to keep dreaming).

I would LOVE to do something to support TWoM's final issue and you, Mr. Bolin.

Every once in a while someone in my web office asks me where I was first published. I talk about TWoM. I can't believe it's going to go away for good. I can't believe I will no longer be able to view the past fondly, and I feel like I'm losing a friend. Nostalgia sets in deeply, and its painful.

In the issue you'd be interviewed in, I'm also interviewing James Morrow (Nebula and World Fantasy Award recipient), and two wonderful artists (Jessica Galbreth, a fantasy artist, and Ivan Ognianov Serbezov, a fine artist with studios in Italy and California).

If there's anything else you can think of for me to direct traffic to December's issue, please let me know.