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Floating Rumors...

Rumors have spread that this new president is making some drastic changes to the ezine. I'm talking drastic. Anyone willing to say anything regarding these rumors?

Re: Floating Rumors...

WHAT???? What kind of changes? What the hell else are they planning to do with it now??? Tell me what you've heard?????????


Re: Floating Rumors...


At this point, I cannot give you any real details. I CAN tell you that most questions will be answered once the delayed October issue is released. In addition, Steve and I will be freer to receive specific queries about what is coming.

Changes ARE on the way and they are at the behest of those at Dark Myth Productions.

Best wishes,


Re: Floating Rumors...

Ok this is going to turn into a big whoha but, what's such a big change that the staff aren't aloud to talk about it. Change, change, change. That's all you people ever do any more! And where did this infomation come from, is the first post knew something about it. Did it come as an e-mail of something, because I've been signed up on the mail list for years!

Re: Floating Rumors...

Hi Alan,

I don't know how the first poster knew about it--it was NOT sent to subscribers as an e-mail, so you weren't missing anything.

Again, all I can really say is wait for the October issue and your questions will be answered. I am really sorry I cannot say more and I completely understand that people are upset--our readers are not alone in that...

Please keep in mind that the pdf format was begun as a way to generate income for the magazine's support. Even though the staff is ALL volunteer, this publication was expected to make money at some point.

Thank you for posting. The staff really appreciates you letting us and DMP know how you feel.


Marileta Hunsford
Assistant Editor

Re: Floating Rumors...

To Everyone:

I was reading this crap on the forum and instantly realized one thing... All this bull**** is just that bull****! It's all a haux! It's to get us to buy that **** magazine so we can see what's really happening and put money in their pockets!

Nice try guys!


Re: Floating Rumors...

This sounds like a PR stunt to me. All we keep hearing is "wait for the ezine" Someone should take responsibility for the post. This Mariletta chick sounds like she is just instigating ****. Why is she the only one replying? Where is Steve? Where is Mario? Hell, where is David? I don't know 'bout all you guys but I dont believe a word Mariletta is saying.

Re: Floating Rumors...

Mj i got your texted, i didnt even know about this. So what kind of crap is going down. i didnt even know the forum was still open


Re: Floating Rumors...

Thanks for the text MJ, I like Rick didn't know the forum was still open. WOW! A change, yeah right they just want our money.