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PDF Format & Download Payment. Author Payments?

Hmmm. Bit taken aback here since this change was a complete surprise to me. This is the first I've heard that any of the writers would get payment for their work. How much IS the payment? Flat fee? Per word?

I think it's kind of a shame that I don't even get a chance to see an issue in PDF format before it goes out to readers. I normally like to have a chance to look for any typos, but I guess that's not going to be possible now.

Oh well.

Let me know, somebody, how the issue looks and if anyone gets some pleasure out of my novella that is currently running.



Re: PDF Format & Download Payment. Author Payments?

"Scream of the Butterfly" kicks A$$! (excuse my language)

I haven't even finished it yet. I'm at the part where Pam just landed in a world away. Very concise, cool writing. The cool thing was I printed out the ENTIRE magazine and took it to work with me, reading on my breaks.

Re: PDF Format & Download Payment. Author Payments?


Why thank you. High praise indeed. Hope the rest of the story keeps you interested.

I'm not sure how Steve has the novella cut up. The next issue might have the ending and it might not. It was a bit overlong and would have required, if I remember right, breaking the length limit. Let me know what you think when you get done, if you would.