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So I get the e-mail about a new issue and of course I was excited to read the new mag. I think I almost crap myself when I found out that I HAD to pay for a pdf download or something. Well, I've been reading the world of myth since issue #1 and NO WAY and I going to pay for something that I use to get for FREE! I'm sorry, but no. Is this because Montoya is leaving Dark Myth? I will just wait 2 months and then read it for free.



Dear TJ.

I'm not sure that I can explain our reasoning more clearly than I already have in my Welcome Page. TWoM is not forcing anyone to pay for anything. As you pointed out yourself, one only need wait two months to read issue #37 for free.

While the free edition of TWoM will always be one issue behind from now on, it will still be new to those who don't wish to pay for the current pdf issue. In fact, the ONLY inconvenience to those wishing to read it for free is that they must wait an additional two months for issue #37 to post on our web site in October. However, this should also the ONLY time they will have a four month lapse between free issues.

While I believe that our magazine is fairly priced - and heavily discounted with a one year subscription - I respect every reader's decision to wait for the free edition if that is their choice. Trust me, no one’s livelihood is depending on the potential income – or loss thereof – generated from this endeavor.

And while it is true that David Montoya is stepping down as President and Chairman of Dark Myth Productions, the change of format has nothing to do with his decision. We’re simply trying to turn a small profit so as to both sustain our company and to pay our writers.

I hope this clears up any confusion.


Steve Bolin
Editor in Chief
The World of Myth


Actions speak louder than words, and I plan to let my action to support TWoM financially speak louder than this comment. It's about time the free ezine became a more dominant force in literature. The amazing thing is that those who still wish to read it for free will be able to do so 2 months later, and those who wish it sooner will be able to purchase that option. Money comes in for writers, and because of that more writers will submit bringing even better reading material and competition in the slush pile, and the readers are the ones who will benefit the most. This is EXCITING!!!


Hi John,

Thanks for your support about this decision--it was made with the best interests of our readers and contributors in mind (e.g. offering the best quality magazine available).

We know this is definitely going to be an adjustment, but we hope that all readers will eventually see the benefit of taking this route.