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Scream of the Butterfly

I must say I really liked this story, I also enjoyed how you brough back some of the other people from you last story NEED TO KNOW. Well done.


Re: Scream of the Butterfly

You know, this is really weird. I replied to you yesterday and there's not a trace of it in the system. I wonder what's up.

Anyway, thanks Ricky, I'm glad you like the novella, so far. I'll be interested to hear what you think when the whole thing is on-line, which is going to be a while. I *think* Steve has it slated to run over the next three issues.

If you're interested in characters and the series, I'll give you some background. I started the series back in the 80s and, due to the fact that I'm not a fast writer by any measurement, been only slowly adding to it. Chronologically, "Scream of the Butterfly" (SOTB) comes between two novels, *Wired* and *Red Tide*, both of which are available through, in print format. There are four novellas in the series, which start with "Need to Know" (which is on-line here at WOFMYTH, "Firedance" followed by "Chaperon", both of which are on-line at the old Dark Moon Rising website.

I've got one more novel I'm writing for the series which will be called *Nightshade* eventually. As I say, I'm not a quick writer so I have no idea when that might be ready go.

Once again, thanks. And please, do let me know what you think once the entire novella is published.

TG Browning