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Kelly James

How can you not love Dead Lands? Tough decisions make for a gritty story. Somehow he makes zombies realistic, the characterisitc of the horror masters.

Re: Kelly James

Thanks, John. Dead Lands is a fun write, but it presents a unique challenge for me just to stay in the guidelines for language and content.

I have another zombie tale that'll appear in the inaugural issue of THE ASHEN EYE this summer--SEX AND ROT IN THE AFTERLIFE.

Re: Kelly James

Naughty naughty zombies abound! (If that doesn't pique interest then I don't know what! )

I'm not a zombie freak, and I've said that time and again. But Kelly's zombies are always entertaining. Never a dull moment.

And I know what a challenge those guidelines are for you! *inner snickers aplenty*