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L.M. Mercer's The Harvest!

Very nifty to have an old schooler like L.M. back with us! We all missed you! Great story although a sad ending, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!


Re: L.M. Mercer's The Harvest!

I'm glad you liked the story. My absence from THe World of Myth has not been intentional, it has merely been life doing what life does and conspiring to keep me busy. With any luck I will be contributing on a semi-regular basis once more. Unfortunately I can not say when my next story will appear...its somewhat difficult to write a short story when in the middle of working on a novel. I do have a few ideas and I may just try to slam one out over a couple of days, once I finish getting all of the moving boxes out of our new house. Until next time...I'm glad you liked the story.