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Hogfather Review.

Doing a review of something like the Hogfather movie (or book for that matter) takes a lot of courage. Chances are pretty good that anything you say is going to insult somebody, somewhere, cause emotions run high on such things.

Rick, don't sweat it. Good review and probably a better intro into the Discworld universe than three-quarters of the attempts I've read. I have to ask, though. If Hogfather was a ****, what in heaven's name can be a *****?

Glad you did the review cause now I can offer a couple of review items that you might like to consider. First, *The Colour of Magic" which looks promising but there's no way I can watch it until somebody nice posts English subtitles for it. I would like to know how well done the movie is.

Second, there are a couple of new(er) movies that have managed to avoid getting any talk going about them. The first one has actually been on XFinity Cable and the DVD is fairly easy to find. I'm referring to is "The Last Lovecraft: the Cthulhu Relic". It's funny as hell. Second, there's a very odd little DVD out called "Spooky Spooky, Scary Scary" which is only available from The Arkham Bazaar I think. Surprising funny from what my wife and daughter had to say (but no captioning, **** it).

Finally, there's a German film that is probably the closest adaptation of a Lovecraft story I can recall ever seeing. It's titled "Die Farbe" and is based on "The Colour Out of Space".

Give them a look--should be some good material for reviews.