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Rebecca C. Lofgren's The Bull

Man o Man, I havent been here in ages. TJ and Tiff told me that Rebecca "Gurl of Myth" Lofgren was back, so I had to stop by the website and see for myself. I was surprised by the new look and feel of the site, which I really like! I've been a fan of Rebecca's poetry, but really never realized she did art as well, that is until today. Steve said in right when he said "For a splash of color" I really liked it, but I would loooooove to ream some new poetry!

For old times sake... Gurl Power!

Tombraider Aka Jenifer

Re: Rebecca C. Lofgren's The Bull

Thanks I'm glad you liked it. Ya I've been drawing forever lol. As for poetry, I still write some from time to time. I working on a ton of different stuff right no so I can excitedly say you will see a LOT more of me here. I have a lot of artwork and a few poems ready and am working on a story I hope to submit towards the end of the year. So you can look forward to me being here consistently for a long while.

Thanks for the support

Rebecca C. Lofgren (Gurl Power)